***Before removing the 3M mounting tape make sure to mock it up like the below suggested. There really is no wrong answer to installing these. The 3M mounting tape is strong and these are made out of flexible plastic. Some cases you might have to tilt your glass mirror downward to get room to install them to the underside of the mirror housing.***

We recommend the following:

Install the overland mirror visors like the diagram. One end is toward the inside of the car and the other end is to the outside as seen in diagram.

The mirror visors will get mounted on the underside of the mirror housing:
Once you are confident with your placement you can remove the 3M mounting tape to install.  Install the mirror visors from the inside of the mirror housing to the outside, so you can guide the attachment and bend the mirror visors accordingly.

Once they are mounted there are a few seconds/minutes before it full bonds, so you can adjust them in some cases.

Visit us on Instagram  for more photos/information. There really is no wrong answer to installing them. It is your preference on the position. 

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